10 Sustainable Travel Tips for 2022

10 Sustainable Travel Tips for 2022

By Kelly Baron

Dare we say it?… We’re feeling hopeful for some upcoming travels this spring and summer. But we want to do it mindfully. Check out our ten tips for more sustainable traveling in 2022.

1) Avoid single-use plastics. This one gets top billing for being the biggest no-brainer. It’s time to ditch single-use plastics, for real and for good. Especially those water bottles that are way too easy to pick up during your travels. Flying? Many airports have bottle filling stations. Pack an empty reusable bottle (ahem, we’re partial to this one in your carry-on and fill it up once you’re through

2) Charge smarter. Portable chargers have become a necessity in our ever-connected world. So choose one housed in 72.5% post-consumer plastic that just happens to power up your devices 3x faster than most other portable chargers. Oh, and it also charges two compatible Android or Apple devices at the same time. It’s a very good sign of the times when an electronic device scores a 4(!) on our evaluation system.

3) Pack responsibly. No, we don’t just mean rolling up your socks. Choose luggage that offers carbon offset, like Tour Paravel. Their exquisite designs are made from sustainable materials like upcycled plastic bottles and recycled vegan leather, and their company has planted over 170,000 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects. They also adhere to strict ethical manufacturing guidelines, carbon-neutral shipping, and a traceable supply chain to maintain accountability. What are you waiting for

4) Go for plant-based. We’ve covered this one before, but it bears repeating here. Often when traveling, we go for what’s easiest—especially during a road trip. Next time you swing through a gas station or fast food establishment, see where you can lighten up on the animal products, for the sake of reducing global emissions and conserving that much water used for animal agriculture. And when you can…

5) Pack a meal (or three). We can’t sing the praises of Black + Blum highly enough. All of their travel food containers are gorgeous, sure, but their focus on sustainability and product longevity has us scoring them at a 4. They became officially Climate Neutral Certified in 2021, meaning they fully offset the CO2 emissions caused in their everyday operations and product manufacturing. We’re beyond proud to offer their amazing products—including stainless cutlery!

6) Don’t forget the straw! Yes, you will pick up an iced coffee. And yes, you will want a straw, because no, no one can (safely or cleanly) drink iced coffee without a lid while driving. So do yourself a favor and pick this stunner up now, and stash it in your car for your first caffeine fuel-up. Lund London’s Skittle Straw earns a 4 from us not only for its reusability factor, but also for including biodegradable bags in packaging.

7) Opt for public transportation. No matter which way you cut it, transportation is a huge contributor to the carbon footprint of every trip. When traveling to closer destinations, travel by train to cut your emissions while also basking in the sights. You’re on vacation, after all—fill your eyes with new things and thank yourself for taking time to expand and enrich your life.

8) Light up with electric. Grilling out is non-negotiable if you’re camping. But consider lighting that grill with a rechargeable lighter from the USB Lighter Company. These get a 4 from us for eliminating the need for butane and being built to last forever. Their packaging is also recyclable, and each charge holds roughly 300 lights. They’re safe, sleek, and absolutely essential.

9) Cozy up in kind style. Cozy throws are key for travel, whether you’re on the nap shift on a road trip, snuggling up with a movie during a flight, or settling in to see the sights for a long train ride. We can’t say enough good things about Blacksaw’s Recycled Fiber Throw Blanket, as evidenced by its superstar score of 5. This handcrafted beauty is woven from 100% recycled alpaca, wool, and cotton fibers. The company also follows fair trade protocols, hiring the hearing impaired at their weaving facility.

10) Rethink the hotel. Big chain hotels are some of the worst culprits when it comes to waste. Think about all of the tiny plastic bottles that are thrown out every single day, often only partially used. Then there’s the frigid air conditioning and the immense amount of laundry… do some research for your next getaway and find smaller, locally owned boutique hotels, B&Bs, or guest houses to stay in. EcoBnb is a user-friendly database of sustainable accommodations that helps to lessen your footprint on the tourism industry.